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update: 02-JAN-2008


The Faculty of Education has renewed its commitment to research. Four individuals form an advisory committee to the Dean on research matters and organize related activities. These individuals include the University of Victoria Distinguished Professor, Larry Yore, the Lansdowne Professor in the faculty, Michael Roth, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar, Ryan Rhodes, and Max Uhlemann.

This web site is part of our effort to increase the visibility of research in the faculty and to provide faculty members and graduate students with resources related to research.

The buttons in the navigation panel on the left allow you to access a different types of information and resources.

newsletter   Access the Faculty of Education Research Newsletter through this link.

conferences   Announcement of conferences that are of interest to members in the Faculty, and conference proceedings of our own CONNECTIONS conferences.

seminars   Announcement of different seminars that we have, including the publication seminar, designed to provide faculty and graduate students with feedback on papers that they want to submit to a journal for publication.

grants & scholarships   Links and information pertaining to SSHRC research grants and (graduate student, postdoctoral) scholarships.

e-journals   Links to a variety of online publications that might be of interest to members of the faculty.

links   Links to online journals and resources for doing research.

ethics   This link takes you to the web site of the Faculty of Education Ethics Committee.

update: JAN-02-2008

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